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Hey hey hey and WELCOME to That Inspired Chick's Daily Deals & Super Steals blog!

For those of you who are new, let me introduce myself.

Hi!  I'm Amanda.  I'm a mama to two of the sweetest boys you'll ever meet (#notbiased) who are currently 8 and 10.  My hubs is a retired NFL Quarterback and played for 7 years as a backup and mostly with the Packers.  It is the only thing that makes us remotely interesting.  ;)  We've been married for 13 years and have lived in Mckinney, TX for over 10.  I am originally from Texarkana, TX and the hubs is from Alexandria, LA.  You can read more about our story HERE on my personal blog.

 I own a busy little Etsy shop where I make personalized glittery drinkware and wood signs for the most part.  And I'm also a part-time blogger over on my personal blog, That Inspired Chick.

Personality-wise, I am laid-back and low-maintenance which is also reflected in my style.  I love anything that can be described as "cute and comfy".  I hate high-heels and dresses (on me...on everyone else, I think they are adorable).  I am a jeans and tee girl and sometimes when I dress up, I feel like a total phony.  ;)

I wish it were summer all year long except from Thanksgiving to New Years because Christmas is my JAM and the colder the better.

I am a total night owl.  I am a crazy Friends fanatic and love audiobooks.

crave efficiency, I love things that just MAKE SENSE and multitasking is my life.  I love kind people, hate political drama and am a total Bravo junkie.  I am not a fan of real-life drama but if it's on TV, I am THERE FOR IT.  ;)

That's definitely me in a nutshell.

And so is this.

Good morning to all my shopaholics!  I just wanted to remind you of our HUGE online multi-consultant sale going on from 9am-9pm MST today  there's no need to leave your house or get ready for this one, thousands of beautiful LuLaRoe items all in one place  PLUS there will be giveaways going on ALL day long  Head on over to Facebook and join the Team LuLaRoses Party Group and all approvals will happen at 9, so have your fast fingers ready


Anyway, I am so glad you're here!  I created this blog as a companion to my Daily Deals Facebook group since there were so many of you who don't do Facebook but still wanted to check out all the good stuff. ;)

So here's how it works.  (This is all subject to change with trial and error.)

Every day--ok, most days--there will be a daily post that will be updated many times throughout the day.  Deals will be everything from Lightning Deals on Amazon which go FAST, promo codes, sales, price drops and special deals from a variety of online stores.

If you're part of my FB group already, then you know that my two greatest shopping loves are Amazon (duh) and Jane.  Jane offers special deals on boutique clothing, home decor (wood signs, personalized items etc), kids stuff and more!  Deals only last 72 hours or whenever they sell out so you have to grab your goodies quick!

Amazon prices can change very quickly so all prices will be current as of the time I post them.

I have an Amazon Store where you can find tons of my favorites organized into categories like "Home", "Clothing & Accessories", "Kid Friendly", "Gag Gifts", "Guy Gifts" etc.  I'll continue to organize and add to that but it will be a great place to start when you are needing gift ideas or are wondering where to find (for example) the jewelry case I posted a few weeks ago or the root booster I'm completely obsessed with.  ;)

And if you still can't find something, just comment below and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can!

Looking for something in particular?  Let me know that too and I'll keep an eye out!

Me: Should I buy it Brain: No Wallet: No Husband: No Universe: No Me: Sold  Bella Ella Boutique.   Funny shopping quote.

I am part of the Amazon Affiliates program along with several other affiliate programs.  This means when you make a purchase through my link, I may receive a small commission.  Your support is what keeps this blog and the Facebook group going, so thank you so much!!  This is a fun gig and I'd love to be able to keep it up for a long time.  So please share the blog and the group with all your friends!  Giveaways are coming soon!

Bookmark the site, add it to your bookmarks bar and/or check back daily for all the best deals!

Happy Day, friends!

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Hey hey hey and WELCOME to That Inspired Chick's Daily Deals & Super Steals blog! For those of you who are new, let me introdu...