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THURSDAY | 2.21.19

Happy Thursday!

Oh hey there stranger!!  I've been failing at keeping up with this blog lately so please remember that even if you aren't seeing the blog updated, deals are still going DOWN over in the Facebook Group so be sure to join us HERE.
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All JANE DEALS (fave!)


*All prices are subject to change at any time.  Lightning Deals go quickly!  Deal of the Day items are for 24 hours only and all Jane deals end 72 hours after they begin or until they sell out.

*I do my best to check reviews before I post deals and if it looks like something I wouldn't buy myself based on reviews, I won't post it.  But we're all different so something that I would take a chance on may not be something you would.

*Many Amazon purchases have Free Returns.  So if you're on the fence with one of those products, do it!  You can always return it (easily!) if it doesn't work out.  Same for Nordstrom purchases.  Always free shipping and free returns.

* is a LEGIT website.  I've been purchasing from there for YEARS.  They are my favorite site to purchase from because I get sweet deals on boutique clothing and Etsy-type finds.  Just remember that Jane is comprised of INDIVIDUAL SELLERS, very similar to Etsy.  So check those reviews on each product or if there are no reviews on that product, then check the reviews for the seller.  Again, I only post items that I would/did/will purchase myself.

Now let's get to it!  (Please note:  These are all copied and pasted straight from the Facebook Group in case the wording sounds weird...😉)
Oh baby! How cute are these! Sizes 0-6 months all the way up to 2T and a TON of cute designs! Only $11.99 with great reviews!
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This is one of the most popular sweaters on Jane. I've got this in at least two colors and it's one of those that's comfy, cozy, looks great with jeans, a scarf or a long necklace. It comes in a ton of pretty colors too!

A great transition piece from winter to spring!
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Back on Lightning Deal and right now all colors are still available!  The dark grey one is down to just $10! Go go go!! (Sizing wise, I have these in both smalls and mediums. If you prefer a looser fit and are in between sizes, I'd go up one.)
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This is a random one but a deal's a deal!  ;) The silver digital tire pressure gauge is only $7.99 right now! Great little gadget to keep in your glove box!

How much do we love these flats?! This style looks so effortlessly chic with boyfriend jeans rolled up to the ankle or cute skinny jeans. Great reviews on these too and under $28!
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The camo hoodies are back!! I have Style #2 and it's a staple in my everyday wardrobe. haha
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These best friend coffee mugs make THE BEST gifts!! Only $12.99 each and you get to customize each girl. Go ahead and get one for your bestie as a "just because" gift and watch her tear up.  ;)
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These PRECIOUS little mugs are back on Jane! Just as cute in person! (My mother-in-law bought one to give as a gift a while back!)

Choose from 87 (!!!!) designs--princesses to tractors! And they come in 2 different cup styles as well. One is enamel (with the silver rim) and the other is polymer which is virtually unbreakable.

So stinkin' cute and they will feel so big drinking their hot cocoa, milk, water, juice etc out of their coffee mugs just like mommy. These could also be used in your kiddo's bathroom as their toothbrush holder and/or used to rinse their mouth out after brushing.
Image may contain: coffee cup
Image may contain: coffee cup and drink
I had several messages about my hat when I posted our day at Epcot but couldn't find it anywhere in the camo. But it's finally showing up on Amazon so I wanted to share the link!

PS: There is only one review on it and the reviewer gave it 1 star because she didn't like the snap in the back or something??? Just so you know, I'd give my hat 5 stars and have had no issues. 🤷‍♀️

It's a Judith March hat and says Support Wildlife Raise Boys. I wear it all the time.
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These wool dryer balls are so popular in this group and they are back as a Deal of the Day! I've been using these for several months now and they've replaced my dryer sheets completely.
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These cosmetic bags are adorable! Grab them right now for just $4.99 while you can!
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